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Jeffersons starship writes...

Greg...I am a big fan of Young Justice. And I wanted knows:
1-does the heroes with super strenght are able of holding back even when impaired mentally?
I am asking this because during the Mission on Bee Queen’s kingdom, Conner have punched many soldiers without killing or causing severe damage to them, even in a Berserker like rage. Plus even when mentally controlled, heroes like Clark, Bruce and Barry refuses , even if an subconscious level refuse to break their vows of never takes a life.

2-Is Darkseid enought strong to defeat Superboy with flicker of his finger?
I ask this because on recent midia, Darkseid is depicted as powerful enought to manhandle Superman,and took the entire JL(Clark, Barry, Hal, Arthur, Diana, Bruce and J’onn) to defeat the lord of Apokolips.

3- have the JL fought against Darkseid before the beginning of Young Justice?
I am asking this because nor even Dick( during season 1) shows knowledge of Apokolips existence.

4-during the pilot of Young Justice: Grayson shown surprise on the Watchtower existence, despite his hacker prowess.
This implies Batman’s greatest secrets he hides on his own mind and not leaves them on Computer, where someone could potentially hack information.