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Anon writes...

Hey, Greg. Love the Spectacular Spiderman and I've noticed some visual references to the Raimi films(quite a few actaully) but I'm sure there are many more that i missed. Can you point them out besides those?:
Pic in the bugle of spidey stiking to a wall like he does in Spiderman 1 festival parade, Him swinging in the like in, landing on the train and jumping on the building twards the train like in Sm2, the arms binding to doc ock's back, spidey throwing a piece from the highscool fountain like he throws that piece of clock at doc ock in 2, falling airfight with venom in the highscool like the one at the building site in 3.

Greg responds...

There's no way I remember all the references. Not even sure if I'M aware of all the references, since our board artists and directors may have also slipped some stuff in there.

Response recorded on July 02, 2021