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Ithica writes...

Dark Ages:

1. Do you have many characters thought out for Dark Ages? You've mentioned, lessee, Hudson in the lead, Goliath, Hudson's mate, Demona, Othello, Desdemona, and Iago, as main chracters, and the trio as supporting characters. Any others you care to devulge?

2. Would Bronx have been hatched yet?

3. I imagine Hudson would be more in his prime, and those of Goliath's generation young adults. Would those of the trio's age be hatchlings?

4. What would you refer to the characters by, seeing as gargoyles don't use names? Ex, would Hudson be 'Leader' or 'Mentor' in this context?

5a. Do you plan on creating gargs that would appear as if they were the trio's biological parents?

5b. You've told us in the past that Hudson is Broadway's father, and I for one can see a few common physical traits. Would Hudson's mate, if she appears in Dark Ages, bear any resemblance to Broadway?

6. Would Broadway's sister Hippolyta appear in Dark Ages?

Thank you, Greg.

Greg responds...

1. Hippolyta. Malcolm. Robbie. Archmage.

2. Not at the beginning.

3. Kids.

4. I admit I have not as yet fully decided this question.

5a. Not specifically. I'm not as interested in biological parentage as many of you seem to be. But it might happen in a more incidental fashion.

5b. Some bit.

6. Yes. But it's pretty much a mistake to refer to her as his sister. His sisters from his point of view are the rookery sisters that are part of his generation. His biological connection to Hippolyta is unimportant.

Response recorded on October 20, 2000