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John writes...

Hi Greg,
Now I got you :)! In "City of stone" we see, that Demona is the leader of a little clan, that is robbing scotland. The first time I saw the ep, there was nothing strange on it. But then, I saw something verry, verry weird: One of the Gargoyles is 100% identical with one of the Avalon clan (Its the gargoyle with the brestplate. In "C.o.s." he is arguing with Demona, and in "Avalon, pt.2" he sits in the castle). That he lives on Avalon must mean, that his father is from the Wyvern clan and, so we all thought, is dead. But in "C.o.S." we could see his father alive. So he must be a survivor of the Wyvern massakre...
Well, maybe you could bring some light in that.
CU, John

Greg responds...

No. You're forgetting that a few years before the massacre, Wyvern's Gargoyle population was larger than the location could sustain (or than the humans of the castle would tolerate). Many of those gargoyles left Wyvern to form a new clan, that ultimately didn't fair much better than Wyvern did.

Response recorded on November 09, 2000