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Darksuperboy writes...

Hi Mr Weisman firstly thank you for doing all these q&as for your fans on this site. it shows you really care and I for one am very glad you do it.

Here are my questions

1a) without saying who or what. have you seen heard or read any fan speculation that have got the up coming Outsiders season right. 1b) if so could you give us a fraction. 1c) how to you feel when you see someone make an accurate depiction of a season/episode yet to come out?

2)why do ship designs from Star Trek keep showing up in the series and tie in comics (Cornered episode Face your fears comic tie in)

thank you for you time regards and utmost respect from

p.s I did search the 17 entries for tie in questions for this answer but I might of missed it in the 19,000 invasion entries so sorry if you've answered this already.