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Anonymous writes...

Hey, Congratulations with Young Justice Season 3! I wanted to ask you a question and how that would have affected the Spectacular Spider-man world. There has been a lot of debate over what kind of scientist Peter Parker is in the comics. In the original Ditko run clearly studied Chemistry, Until ASM #22, when he says: “I wonder if I should specialize in Biochemistry or Physics”. After Ditko left the title, Romita came in and according to the Marvel Handbook, he studied Biophysics. After that, it became a mess, he became Biochemistry researcher, a Chemistry Teacher, Engineer for Horizon Labs, CEO of Parker Industries (with a PHD in Physics) and more recently, the Daily Bugle’s Science Editor. So my question is, what kind of Science he would have studied while in college in the show and what is your opinion about what kind of science major he is in the comics?

Greg responds...

At the high school level, Peter was interested in everything science.

At the Conners' lab, he was studying bio-chemistry.

What he would have ultimately majored in, in college, is a spoiler.

Response recorded on July 09, 2021