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Todd Jensen writes...

How did the Archmage remain in Prince Malcolm's service for so long? From the evidence that you've given us, he seems to have been Malcolm's advisor from 971 (when the humans first moved into the future Castle Wyvern) to 984 or shortly before (cf. "Long Way Till Morning") - around thirteen years.

The Archmage honestly didn't strike me as a particularly subtle character or one whom I'd easily expect to be able to conceal his true nature; Xanatos can easily pull such a deception off, but the Archmage's style was so obviously that of the blatantly evil sorcerer with all his ragings and tantrums that I find it hard to believe that he could have been able to dupe the court for so long. (Of course, Hudson does seem to be already suspecting him by 975 in "Vows"). How did he manage to pull it off?

Greg responds...

The Archmage arrives on the scene shortly after the alliance is formed. He does something that endears him mightily to the Prince. And though his true nature is obvious to us (and to Hudson) he was very careful not to reveal it to the Prince. Until he did. At which point, he was booted.

There may have been a few close calls before that, but nothing obvious enough for the Prince to turn out a valuable ally.

Response recorded on February 01, 2001