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leonor writes...

Hi Greg! Congratulations on having a third season of Young Justice. I can't wait to see it!
So I was rewatching the first season of the show and I was left with some questions, especially about Artemis. When we first get to see her, we see an innocent person trying to do good, but after acknowledging her bloodlines we've reasons to doubt wether she's indeed a good person or not. Even before the team got to know who her family was, Roy always suspected about her being the mole and I'd like to know why? Out of the three possible subjects why did he doubt Artemis the most and not for example Superboy who was a clone and could easily be the mole? Also, did Batman accept Artemis as part of the team and Green Arrow as his sidekick just because of who her parents and sister were and who she could become or maybe because she possibly used to work with her dad and after quitting they saw she could be an added value? And last but not least (sorry for making this long), why in the episode «Agendas» every sidekick was considered to be part of the Justice League and not Artemis?