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matt writes...

in response to my question about England getting rid of their gargoyles you said, "England did a worse job than most." do you mean cuz there are still gargoyles in England a thousand years later or was there another reason you said this?

on a related note, when Bodhe said that the English rid their lands of gargoyles long ago... how long ago? obviously there was at least a clan or two around during King Arthur's reign and i can't see him allowing massacres and such. oh, and since we know of the London clan i realize that the English HAVN'T rid their lands completly of gargoyles, but when were the bulk of them banished/killed/whatever?

Greg responds...

What other reason did you have in mind?

As for Bodhe, he wasn't exactly an authority. The English thought that their country was gargoyle free by Macbeth's time. It wasn't. What gargs there were left had just gone into hiding by that time.

Response recorded on May 30, 2001