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matt writes...

geeeez, Sapphire, i didn't know you hated me so much, yikes! i don't want to be a mutate!! actually, i'm with Fang, i might like it, it could be cool, i don't know...

anyway, question time:
you said that besides Bronx you showed no gargoyles of his generation in "Awakening" cuz it would've been hard to show these young kid gargs and then have them all die in the massacre, so would you have had a problem showing the young gargs in "Dark Ages" knowing most of them would probably end up dieing too?

Greg responds...

No. I would have shown them eventually.

But keep in mind, Dark Ages begins in 971 when the Trio were young. It ends in 994. But it might have taken me 23 years to get there.

Response recorded on June 21, 2001