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Marvelman writes...

The fight between Savage and Captain Marvel and the other Leaguers still bothers me. I just don't see how he could beat a Superman-level character plus two other leaguers.
Savage has not usually been depicted as having that level of physical might. I know, I know, your universe, your rules.

Then, something occurred to me. You have implied in the past that season 2 Captain Marvel is not as fast as season 1 Captain Marvel. Why would that be? In Jerry Ordway's Power of Shazam, the power of Shazam is split between Billy, Mary, and Freddy.

1) Is it fair to say season 2 Captain Marvel is only 1/3 as powerful as season 1 Captain Marvel?:)

2) Could season 1 Captain Marvel have defeated Vandal Savage one-on-one?

3) If the power of Shazam is shared between Captain, Lieutenant, and Sargent Marvel, is it only split between them when more than one of them is using it? Or, is the power divided all of time regardless as to whether multiple Marvels are transformed?