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Anonymous writes...

Hello Greg, first--I hope you don't get tired of hearing this--but I just wanted to say I love your work: Gargoyles, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Young Justice, they're all awesome!

If it's alright, I had a few questions about the Sword of Beowulf from the YJ episode "Secrets" which kind of tie into each other.

1. Did Beowulf forge the sword or did he find it?
2. Whose arm makes up the scabbard of the sword? I assume Grendel but I want to be sure.
3. The moral implications of using an arm for a scabbard are a little... iffy. Was the Beowulf of the Young Justice pure "good" of heart?
4. Was the "purity of heart" requirement based on whether the sword believed someone was pure of heart or if the person wielding it considered themselves pure of heart? Like, as a hypothetical, could a person who deluded themselves into thinking they're a purely good person, despite doing objectively evil deeds, still use the sword's power?

Thank you for your time!