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K writes...

Vandal Savage was Marduk?! I think most of us in the audience assumed that Tula's presence as a Non-Player Character (NPC) in YJ: Legacy meant that her death would be part of the story line, but the fact! That her conclusion! That she had to sacrifice her life because MARDUK! THE IMMORTAL! VANDAL MARDUK IMMORTAL DEMIGOD SAVAGE! "sacrificed" his so-called "life!" is just... exquisitely painful. I hate it, but only because I love it. Way to reward the obsessives who must have every single piece of the story. Mostly I feel bad for Garth and Kaldur and the rest of the Aquapeople.

(Speaking of, thank you for Home Fires confirming that Mera and Orin's son is still alive. I have wondered about that on and on off ever since Downtime aired.)

As for questions:

1. How old was Olympia Savage when she was killed?
2. Did Olympia inherit the metagene?
3. Will we ever know who, exactly, read the part with the bear? (I'm kidding. I think.)