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matt writes...

wow, its beginning to feel like the time when i first found this site and asked strings of questions daily! anyway:

when the eggs of a generation hatch, does the clan keep the hatchlings in the rookery for awhile or are they generally let to run around outside the rookery with the rest? all these infants and youngsters running around at once seems to me to be quite a handful! how do they deal with this?

do you suppose that the kids of Bronx's generation were in the rookery during the Viking attack and thats why we didn't see them?

like maybe gargs make them sleep outside so they can get their solar energy, but at night they stay in the rookery, maybe?

just seems dangerous to have all these winged, horned and taloned toddlers running around the castle! geeez!

Greg responds...

In DARK AGES, given the chance, I'd like to show more of castle life, more of human/gargoyle interaction. More of the generations of gargoyles who live there.

Locking kids up in the rookery every night seems unlikely. Though perhaps a wise course during a Viking siege.

Response recorded on September 05, 2001