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Just a YJ Fan writes...

Couple of questions about Young Justice.
1. Is what Monkey said about Gar's powers being magical in nature true, or just his mind making stuff up, again given what Monkey said about Gar filling in blanks like Monkey having Wally's voice?
2. For that matter, is the whole monkey god thing true?
3. How long was Orphan active as a vigilante prior to "Triptych"?
4. Going back to "Fireworks", when everyone is about to head up the elevator to escape, Robin uses a grapnel while Superboy grabs Aqualad and attempts to fly. As for Kid Flash, all we saw of him was that he jumped to a ledge, and the next we see of him they're on Sublevel 15, about 27 levels higher than where they started, if my memory serves. So how did Wally get up there? Sorry if I'm missing something obvious, it's just something that's always bugged me about the scene and I could never find an answer online.
5. Going back to "Nightmare Monkeys", (sorry that I'm jumping all over the place, these questions are popping into my mind as I type), Paul Sloane stated that he was Gar's godfather and that Rita Farr was his godmother. After Marie died, was there a specific reason why Gar went to Rita over Paul? For that matter, why would Gar go with M'Gann after Rita died? Did Paul just come to an understanding with Rita and M'Gann or was there something else going on?
Sorry if most of these questions are too spoilery, but I felt it couldn't hurt to ask. Loving the new season so far. Here's to Season 4!