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Anonymous writes...

Hello! A big fan of your work here. The WITCH series was a part of my childhood I’ll always remember. I have several questions concerning this show (mainly the old generation):
1. How old were the previous Guardians when Nerissa cracked, Cassidy died and everything went downhill? Were they the same age?
2. Did you have some last names in mind when creating the characters or they were always simply Nerissa, Halinor, etc?
3. How was the disappearance of Cassidy/Nerissa explained to the public (their relatives, friends)?

Greg responds...

1. The five members of CHYKN were all approximately the same age as each other.

2. The names came from the comics or the first season. I don't think I named any of them myself.

3. She didn't disappear; she died. Or at least that's what I recall. It has been awhile.

Response recorded on July 26, 2021