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FallenLegend writes...

Hey greg I have a question for Young Justice.

1.- How did you resist temptation of using A-listers?

Say, you could've easily used very popular character like Supergirl or Starfire since season 1. Same for villains. You could've just used Deathstroke instead of sportsmaster.

But instead you decided to make obscure characters (for tv fans), like Halo, and Miss Martian (whom is also going to be part of a dcau movie in no small part thanks to you guys making her popular) more well known.

Halo is a prime example. She was A C-lister. Now a lot of people love her.

Still I think the temptation to use material that is already A-material, instead of making it A-material is there.

2.-How do you resist the temptation of making heroes super powerful.

This is something I've defended you a lot, as a lot of fans think you're disrespectful for not making their favorite hero superpowerful.

I think it's brilliant how you Make your villains more competent than most creators. Even in comics it seems like a comptetion on who can make the most Over Powered character for comic fans to fight.

Superman (in current comic canon) can still lift the weight of the planet and survive in the sun. Yours couldn't even break the walls of Belle Reve (as Waller said)

Wonder Woman in a comic is the goddess of truth and even has bulletproof skin in injustice.

Flash can beat instant teleportation

And so on...

If Anything, I think the only ones that get more powerful in your shows are the villains.