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Logan writes...

Thank you for creating such a beautiful, adorable, sweet and compelling couple like GARDITA!!! Here are some questions regarding my newest OTP:
1- How did you (or the one responsible) come up with the idea of pairing up Garfield and Perdita? Their relationship makes so much sense to me :)
2- How long has it been since they started dating?
3- How old were they when they started dating?
4- Does Garfield understand, learned, speak Perdita's mother tongue?
5- How old are they as of December 2018?
6- Have they said I Love You to each other already? Has any of them said I Love You to the other?
Thank you so much for having such a good boy like Gar date such a treasure of a girl like Perdita. Nightmare Monkeys has to be my favorite episode of the first half of season 3. I hope there's more Gardita goodness in the coming episodes :)