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Jarrod writes...

Good Day Greg! (Or whatever time of day it is when you get to this.)

Firstly, thank you for everything you and the entire YJ team did to help create and amazing season 3. Its been highly anticipated and it has not let us down in any way.

My question is about how much freedom you have in character portray, now that you are not answering to CN S&P? Without giving away spoilers, we have already seen a few instances of blood and language that could not have aired on CN. Are you able to openly show relationships between LGBT+ characters now? You have told us that there are certainly some LGBT+ characters on YJ, and we have seen them, but do you have the ability to portray those characters' romance? I am not asking who and when we will see them, but just if you are allowed to now?

Thank you for your time!

Greg responds...

1. For the most part (i.e. with one exception), we had complete freedom.

2. We do, for the most part, and we did in the second half of Season Three. And we will expand on that in Season Four.

Response recorded on July 26, 2021