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Siren writes...

About Castle Wyvern...
Now I know a wyvern is a "species" of dragon. Standing on his hind legs. It's either never had front legs or it's front legs evolved into wings, as bats have.
1.) Did you choose the name Wyvern just because it sounded good?
2.) Or was there a backstory to why that castle bears the name of this little known dragon species?
3.) If there is a backstory, could you tell us anything about it?
Thanks Greg!

Greg responds...

1. I believe that Michael Reaves chose the name Wyvern.

2. There is now. And if you come to a Gathering, you'll get a clear hint of what that is when you see the DARK AGES pitch.

3. Not right now. But maybe in Montreal. Check out:


Response recorded on February 05, 2004