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Charlie writes...

1. Is there an in-universe reason that Peter Parker doesn't try to join the Fantastic Four or really think about them at all? I understand they're celebrities who deal with unspecified "cosmic threats," but assuming the Baxter Building exists and is in New York I can't imagine why Peter wouldn't think himself at least worthy of their time. Reed Richards has a nearly god-level intellect and Sue Storm's force manipulation abilities have near-unlimited potential, but Spider-Man is at least in the same league as Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm, right?
2. Why is Kraven working with Doctor Octopus in "Gangland," as evidenced by Doc Ock trying to call him on his comm?

Greg responds...

1. We had a definite plan (before scripts were written) to introduce Johnny Storm as Spidey's frenemy in Season One. And then move their story forward from there. But we weren't allowed to use Johnny or any of the FF, so we abandoned that.

2. They seemed sympatico.

Response recorded on July 26, 2021