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Chloe writes...

I'm confused, it the future world of Bart's was erased, how come he, from that world, still exists? Shouldn't he have disappeared too if it was changed? Because his new future self now exists in the one he created. Or is he living on borrowed time and eventually his meddling with time will catch up to him? I'm just so confused about his whole time situation.

2. And if nothing happens, and he somehow survives to see himself born, how is that going to work? Is he going to die right upon conception, or upon birth? Or screw up and prevent his birth? This is just so bizzare.

Greg responds...

Chronoton radiation made him immune to the changes. Eventually, a new Bart will/should be born. But our Bart might live to see that - live and HOPE that this new Bart never becomes him. But if you're asking whether they can co-exist, they can.

Response recorded on July 28, 2021