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Anonymous writes...

I always admired YJ for its diversity and was very excited to see a character like Halo, someone who's close to my ethnic background, represented.

But I have been utterly disappointed. More than that, I'm disgusted.

The way you guys have graphically killed her several times on screen is appalling. Yes, I realize she comes back, but to see a WOC go through such violent trauma again and again is damaging to audiences - particularly those who are like her. It is a common trope to violently traumatize and kill women and POC in comics and I thought YJ would be above that. Apparently not.

And then to find out that the actual Arab girl has really been dead since episode 1 and she's nothing but an empty husk for the motherbox...so she's not actual representation at all. She's not a real person.

I was one of the fans who rallied for YJ to return for years and now I will never support this show again. This honestly broke my heart a little.

Glad you got to feel progressive for using a woman in a hijab. I'm sure you're patting yourself on the back for it and won't actually care how people of that background feel.