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Nick writes...

Hi, Greg. Hope you’re well.

On the 2019 SDCC Young Justice promotional tote bag, Victor Stone was shown with the G designation G-08. While he obviously gained a B designation later in the season, this caused me to become very curious about the G-Series.

We know that Jeff, Brion and Violet make up the first three G-zeta designations, and it can be assumed that Jace and Forager got ones as well. But my confusion lies in which characters fill G-06 and G-07. I suppose it could be possible for Tara to have received zeta access before Vic, but who would the other G-series member be? Does Oracle have one? Metamorpho?

I know that you prefer to let these flow naturally from the series, but since the G-series is essentially defunct now, could you possibly clear up this confusion? Was it a mistake or are we missing something?