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Pablo Torres writes...

Hello Greg, big fan of the show. Loved it since the beginning and I'll love it till the end.

In short, my question is about the newer members of the Justice League, the ones introduced in season 3. With your usage of designations, we are able to see the timeline of how the membership grew. From the first member (Superman 010 and the newest member from season 2 (Rocket 26). Now from the beginning of season 3 you showed us that Kaldur, now taking the Aquaman mantle from Orin, became a member of the League after Rocket, with a designation of 27. In the same episode you also show us another new member, Steel, who you gave the designation of 36. It would stand to reason that there is at least 8 additional members that we have not seen. In that same first episode you also showed us 3 other new heroes that were confirmed to be part of the JL (Batwoman, Katana and Hardware). That lead the total of members not known to be 5 members. Later, in another episode you confirmed that the character Fire (although not seen) and the character Elongated Man (introduced in another episode) to be members as well. This now leads to 3 unknown members. Now we also saw a couple of character on the first episode in the planet Rann with the league. This included Adam Stange, a character you introduced in season 2, and the character of Ice. However, you did not state if either of these two heroes were part of the League. And if they were members, that would still leave one spot in the league filled by an unknow character. Many have theorized that this spot belongs to Metamorpho, another character you introduced in season 3, but it is unknown.
So, my questions are:
1. Are Ice and Adam Strange official members of the JL?
2. Was Metamorpho ever a member of the JL?
3. Is Steel the latest recruit of the League or are there other heroes after him?
4. Could you fill the designations between Aquaman II (27) â€" Steel (36)

Greg responds...

1. Ice is.

2. Not through the first 25 and a half episodes of Season Three.

3. No spoilers.

4. Yes, I could.

Response recorded on August 06, 2021