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Bluebird722 writes...

Hi, Greg!

First of all, I had just finished season 3 of Young Justice, and it was so overwhelming. It was very bittersweet, but so satisfying to see my favorite show again (and of course, congratulations on season 4! So excited for that!).

I wanted to ask a few questions related to season 3:

1. What was the hardest episode for you to write, and why?
2. I was also excited to see Geranium City and see what happened to the genomorphs! Missed those little guys!
2a. In what state is it located in, and why that state in particular?
2b. Do Jim and Amanda live in Geranium City, or do they have their own homes out of town but visit when they can?
3. I love all three seasons, but if you could change one thing and one thing only in each season, what would it be?
4. Was there ever a scene or storyline you wanted for seasons 1 or 2 that had to be pushed back into 3?
5. Which new character introduced in season 3 were you most excited about, and which one do you relate most to?
6. Thank you again for all the great work and effort you put into this show! Not only do I love the storytelling, but I love that you include characters that otherwise wouldn't have appeared in other adaptations!

Thank you again for a wonderful season!