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Nick writes...

Hi, Greg! Hope production on Season 4 is going well.

Throughout Season 3, we get only one glimpse of Ray Palmer/Atom, standing on the Flash’s shoulder in the big group shot in “Nevermore.” He’s in costume and seems to still be operating as a member of the League. Yet, Kaldur’s line in “Princes All” indicated that all Earth-based League members were present “either in person or via hologram” at the Watchtower meeting. But unless he was at the subatomic level, Ray Palmer was nowhere to be seen.
1. Can we take this as confirmation that Atom was operating as a space-based Leaguer for most of Young Justice: Outsiders?

Greg responds...

Season Four is going very well, thanks for asking. We have sixteen episodes in the can, six more in post-production, and four still being animated.

1. I don't know about "most" of the season, but certainly he was in space during that meeting in "Princes All".

Response recorded on August 12, 2021