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Drew writes...

Hello, I have a "Goliath Chronicles" question. I know you're not fond of them, but this has been bugging me for quite a while now.
Why did the higher ups at Disney feel the need to just fire everyone who had been working on the show up to that point when it went Network? I can understand they needed you guys to tone it down because Network shows have tighter constraints than Syndication, but I don't see what they had to gain by ditching a preexisting crew and then having to go to the trouble of hiring a whole new one.
Were you ever given so much as an excuse for that by them?

Greg responds...

That's not really how it happened. The crew was already laid off because no one knew we were going to continue after Season Two.

Then both Frank Paur and Michael Reaves announced that they were leaving to go to Dreamworks.

I was offered the opportunity to work on what became Goliath Chronicles, but they wanted me to take a demotion from Producer to Story Editor. They gave me an impossible schedule, and they told me that Pre-Production was moving (for largely budgetary reasons) from Walt Disney Television Animation to DIC. They were, I think, so sure that I was going to pass on that offer, that they hired my replacement before I had time to give my answer. So I passed.

Later, the show wound up being pre-produced at Nelvana rather than DIC, but it still felt like a step down.

Response recorded on August 12, 2021