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Pamber writes...

That Nyrtleka person is right to say I love the Guatemalan gargoyles. Zafiro's my favorite in the whole series!

1. If, say, GARGOYLES is revived, would the garg clans from the Avalon World Tour (Guatemalan in particular;) appear again?

2. Did you have any other plans for the Guatemalan gargs? I'd love to see Zafiro and gang again.

Greg responds...

1. Yes. For starters they needed to recover the Sun Amulet.

2. Yes. In particular, a descendant of Zafiro's (also named Zafiro because of the Sapphire pendant he wears) is likely to be a major character in my revamping of GARGOYLES 2158.

Response recorded on July 24, 2000