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Skylar writes...

I wondered about how the mating of english gargoyles genetically works.

1. If a lion-type gargoyle mates with a griffon-type gargoyle, could their son or daughter be a unicorn-type gargoyle?

2. Or asked in another way: Have some griffon-type gargoyles also the genetically code for unicorn-type and lion-type gargoyles in their heritages and could give them to their descendants? (And lion-type gargs the ones of unicorn- and griffon-typed gargs, and so on.)

3. Is it right to think, that all genes, that make a lion-type gargolye to a lion-type gargoyle and a griffon-type gargoyle to a griffon-type gargoyle are coupled to each other, so that it can´t happen that for example a gargoyle hatches, that looks half like a lion and half like a griffon and a bit like an unicorn?

Greg responds...

1. Not likely, unless there's a recessive gene in their from some other ancestor.

2. See above.

3. All combinations are possible. Look at Angela and Gabriel.

Response recorded on July 26, 2000