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Akeem M. writes...

Hi Greg,

I know you are not the biggest fan of hypothetical questions, but I have a question regarding Spectacular Spider-Man that can be considered one. We all know about the untimely demise of the show, and the fact that you and the team had an outline of where you wanted the series to go. If Sony were to do animated movies in Spectacular's universe (as that seems to be the only feasible outcome at this time), would you continue with your plans as they were back when the show was running? Or do you feel that you would include some ideas from comics in the past decade while the show was off the air?

Greg responds...

Akeem, the reason I'm not a big fan of hypothetical questions is because there's no way for me to answer a hypothetical question like this. I DON'T CONTROL THIS STUFF. Given that simple fact (that fans don't seem to want to absorb), there are too many variables for me to answer. How do I know what I would do in the EXTREMELY unlikely event that this comes to pass? It depends on what my bosses want.

Response recorded on August 13, 2021