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Google Translator writes...

Dear Greg,

I don't know if this site covers my question, but I have no other way to maybe get in touch with you, so ...

I just read War of the Spark: Forsaken, I don't know what to say. Many aspects pleased me, others made me think "what ?!"

I think overall I can say I liked it. Well, my question is: will you write more books from Magic: The Gathering?

The ending of this last one was very open, there is still a lot to happen and I think you should bring this ending.

Besides, you have all my support to make Liliana and Jace happen.

Greg responds...

There were plans for me to continue on with the quartet of Kaya, Teyo, Rat and Liliana. But MtG's plans changed, so it isn't happening - which was a big bummer for me. But whatchagonnado? Ain't my property, and I knew that going in.

Response recorded on August 16, 2021