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Sasha writes...

Hello Greg,

It is with great pleasure that I see Gargoyles is now available to binge on Disney+. With that in mind, I wanted to ask a question concerning the Goliath Chronicles. I know that, with the exception of Episode 1, the Chronicles season is not canon. I'm also aware that, in your comics, you made a nod to one of the Chronicles episodes, where Jeffrey Robbins discovers that Hudson is a gargoyle. At the time you said that you echoed this interaction from the series an a nod to the creators for "getting it right."

My question is this: Apart from "The Journey" and "The Dying Light," (featuring Hudson and Jeffrey Robbins,) are there any Goliath Chronicles episodes that you recommend watching? Do you have any particular opinions on the Chronicles season, as it is displayed on Disney+ alongside the first two canon seasons of Gargoyles? And, in supporting Gargoyles as a whole, should fans watch the Goliath Chronicles as well as the other two seasons?

It is a real joy to see the excitement that has resurged around the series. I hope that it does finally get the renewal it so fiercely deserves!

Thank you for reading my question.
Wishing you all the best,

Greg responds...

Hi Sasha,

I don't really recommend any episodes of The Goliath Chronicles, per say, including "The Journey". Think of the comics as my personal official third season, and my adaptation there of "The Journey" as my official version of that story.

I think it's okay to watch Chronicles on Disney+ or NOT watch 'em. Whichever you prefer. I'm just hoping that, at minimum, folks keep binging the first two seasons over and over. #KeepBingingGargoyle.

Response recorded on August 16, 2021