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Vashkoda writes...

Some Guatemala questions:

1a) If a clan has survived there all this time, why didn't the Mayans that shared the temple with them also survive? b) Were the Mayans killed/kidnapped/dispersed as recently as the raid that took out most of the clan, or did it happen long ago?

2) I was wondering if Jade's headdress bore any kind of significance? Does he have a status that differs from the others in the clan?

3a) Can any in the clan perform magic? b) Would anyone in the Gargoyles Universe (still living) have the knoweldge and the power to make another sun amulet and set of magic pendants?

4a) You mentioned that Jade and Turquesa would go on a few skiff adventures before returning home. In which spin-off would you imagine these adventures might be seen in? 4b) If you're willing, please mention one location where they will travel to.

5) Will they be allowed to bring their pendants with them when they enter Avalon? If not, what will they do with them?

Greg responds...

1a. Long story.

1b. Long ago.

2. I'm sure it has some significance.

3a. Obsidiana has limited abilities with potions and as a healer.

b. Possbily.

4a. Just in GARGOYLES.

4b. Just one? Back to Guatemala, of course. ;)

5. Leave 'em on the raft, I guess.

Response recorded on September 21, 2000