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KarrinBlue writes...

So, since the askbox is closing soon to get a chance to catch up, I thought I'd finally send in an ask about one of my favorite bits of the new season - Terra's plotline. I'd been hoping to see a Young Justice take on Terra since s2, and when we started seeing the first trailers of the team going to Markovia, I got even more excited. And I was not disappointed! So often Terra is a flat character, a betrayer, a monster, a madwoman - if there's any sympathy towards her, it's usually in a vague tragic backstory of abandonment, or her having a moment of realization before the end and taking Slade down with her (and often with an implication that Slade is the more reasonable, understandable one in the equation.) It was so refreshing to see a take on her that remembered she had been a child, was [i]still[/i] young, and being manipulated and abused by a much older adult - and that made that abuse and manipulation [i]not[/i] a death sentence. Terra doesn't die, she lives, she chooses to face justice - and, in a note I'm particularly fond of, she does all of this not because she's fallen in love with a heroic boy, but because of her platonic and familial bonds - with Artemis, with her siblings, and with Halo. Seeing her finally get to turn her back on Slade, come clean, and [i]live[/i] made the entire finale for me. So thank you for that, and now some questions about Tara Markov herself:

1) Why did Bedlam originally have her kidnapped, then tarred, then sold off? Had Slade's 'rescue' of her been a scheme between those two?
2) How much time passed between her original kidnapping, tarring, and the 'rescue'?
3) Tara can be extremely reticent in the show, often holding back in large conversations (though her glances around, gestures, and expressions have been very interesting to keep an eye out for on my rewatches). When she chooses to speak she's generally very forthright and direct, even if she's not sparing with her words. How did you decide on this pattern for her, and how did you decide on when she'd speak up and when she'd hold back?
4) Tara seemed very reluctant to tell Slade when Gregor was visiting them in America - had she expected the coup to take place, and if so, how did she expect it to end? Once Slade ordered her to kill Gar, what had she thought would happen afterwards?
5) In the ending montage, we see Tara and Halo attending Happy Harbor High, after her trial at the Hague. Even if Snapper Carr smoothed over any legal issues, how did the other students, teachers, and parents react to finding out that a foreign princess assassin had been attending, and would continue to attend, public high school in Rhode Island?

Greg responds...

1. DeLamb had learned he was a meta-human and wanted to see if his niece was, too.

1a. In essence, yes.

2. Tara was abducted on July 28th, of Team Year Six. She was meta-activated in early August of that year, and "rescued" by Deathstroke in Early September.

3. It seemed to work for someone who was keeping secrets.

4. Tara was conflicted - and so turned around that the notion of consequences had been blurred to non-existent in her mind.

5. It may have been overshadowed by Fred Bugg revealing himself as Forager. But basically, having two Outsiders at the school was largely applauded by the student population. Some teachers and parents may have been more reticent, but there wasn't any significant protest...


Response recorded on August 26, 2021