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KarrinBlue writes...

1) Where exactly in Eastern Europe is Markovia? Is it neighboring Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, or is it further away, like Hungary or Romania?
2) What was going on with the Doom Patrol - the one Dayton was a part of as 'Mento'? Were they an old TV show, a real hero team, a group of actors with very bad luck?
3) You've been working on Magic the Gathering books - would any of the Team/Outsiders members play MtG, and do you have deck themes in mind for anyone in particular?
4) Was Ilona Bedlam's older or younger sister?
5) Was Tara aware that Cassandra Savage liked her?

Greg responds...

1. We placed Markovia on a map. And the map is at my office on the Warner Bros Ranch. And I haven't been to that office in over a year. I can't quite remember. But I know it borders Vlatava and is close to Latvia.

2. A real hero team. The only (former) actor on the Patrol was Rita.

3. I've been off MtG for so long now that I've already forgotten what "deck themes" means. I think I'll leave it to your interpretation which heroes play the game.

4. Ilona's the older sibling.

5. They got along well enough.

Response recorded on September 01, 2021