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Ashanti Mills writes...

Hi Greg! Young Justice: Invasion is one of my favorite seasons of television. Really looking forward to season 4. I have questions about which characters you have access to and are personally interested in using for the show

1. What's the legal status of created specifically for the Static Shock tv show (e.g. Shebang, Ebon, Madelyn Spaulding, Ebon, etc.)? More to the point, are you allowed to use them in Young Justice? I'm assuming they exist under different circumstances than characters created for Milestone characters who were adapted later.

2. If you were able to use them, are you at all interested in those characters? Or would you prefer to keep the show focused on characters who are a bigger part in DC's history?

Thanks for your time, and for the great TV!

Greg responds...

1. At this point, no character we've wanted to use is off limits. That could change. But so far as S4 goes, we had no issues.

2. It's not really about who's a bigger part of DC history. It's about telling the story we want to tell.

Response recorded on September 01, 2021