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Skylar writes...

1. When I asked if there are any Gargoylebeasts whith wings you said they involved without. So if it is all an evolving thing and if there are only two kinds of gargoyles (the human like and the beast like), how does it come, that some gargoyles look totally different to the others and seem to have other bones, a much different skelleton?
For example Lexington looks much different (for example his bones in his wings) and a much more distinct example is Zaphiro. He seems to have no legs at all.

1b) How should I imagine Zaphiros skelleton? Is his "foot" exactly like a part of a snake or have the two legbones grown together into one?

2. Are there any other gargoyles out there that look much different than the rest? (as much as Zaphiro does)

3. How about feathers? Have some gargoyles feathers at their wings? Is that normal? Or is it maybe a genetic characteristic you find just in the genetic resources of the gargoylepopulation of some specific lands and not all over the world?

4. Do all Ishimura-Gargoyles have black hair? Is it normal, that in all countrys where the hair color of the native population is black, the hair color of the gargoyles is black, too?

4b) How about the Guatemala-Gargoyles?

Greg responds...

1. I think I said "evolved". You've never seen Zafiro's skeleton. The differences are superficial. The limb count is the same. Even Beasts, may have small vestigal wing bones, I suppose. But that doesn't mean there are flying beasts.

2. Yes.

3. Some have feather-like things on their wings, for example Zafiro and Griff.

4. Not all.

4b. What about them?

Response recorded on October 19, 2000