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Ash writes...

Hi Greg, fantastic start to Season Four and perhaps bigger congratulations on finishing the queue.

Have a range of questions both new and old, but I'll start off with a few new ones that I don't Think will be covered in the very soon to air episodes.

1) Once is Happenstance, Twice is Coincidence, Three times is Enemy Action. With Mgann appearing to match Megan Wheeler and Mree (now Emree) matching Marie Logan, we've at least reached the Coincidence level. Given that Hello Megan didn't air till 17 years after M'gann was born, I was curious if there might have been some "Enemy Action" inspiring their names that may have come at a point later than is common for human newborns?

2) I am absolutely loving the Martian language, sorry for avoiding apostrophes here I know that Ask Greg tends to misrepresent those. Was curious if you came up with most of it, or who otherwise to thank and credit as well?

3) With the Blahdenn specifically, I was curious to their name. It resembles Blood, in much the way Aashenn resembles Ash, Garrunn Green and Yellonn Yellow, but we see in Image that Martians have Green Blood, so I was curious if this was the route association and how it fits given that all their blood I would think to be green across races?

4) This is with an assumption that the Maayavaana is not just a light show with magic but does involve some deeper invocation of Ceridyall and the love shared by the couple, clearly a success for Mgann and Superboy. My question is whether this rite would be possible if there were not a deep sense of love shared?

5) We've seen that a Martian telepath, even one as strong as Mgann, has range limitations. On Marzz, is there something like piggybacking signal jumping system that aquires larger ranges, or was Emree and the Zeta Project sufficiently close for her to contact Queen Jarlia Jaxx?

Just a final comment; have loved every bit of worldbuilding and all the new Martian characters. Emree is an absolute favourite and hope to see much more from her as she develops and learns more of her familys truths.

Greg responds...

1. I'm honestly not sure if I understand your question. But it sounds a bit paranoid on the surface of it..

2. Originally, back in Season One, it was a cooperative effort between myself and Nicole Dubuc. This season it's been mostly me and Brandon Vietti. I mean, it's mostly all proper names, as the rest is translated for you. But I'm glad you're grooving on it.

3. Out of universe, Brandon and I wanted names for the races that the AUDIENCE would more easily grok by association. So A'ashenn does indeed equate from white ash, B'lahdenn from red blood, G'arrunn from green and Y'ellonn from yellow. But we're categorically NOT saying that, in Universe, those Martian words evolved out of these human words.

4. Possible, yes. As brilliant, no. The brilliance depends on two factors: the love of the couple and the skills of the Priest or Priestess.

5. There's a potential snowball effect, and yes, if a large linked body is sending signals between each other, than it can overwhelm at a greater distance, as long as SOMEONE on the link is close enough to be in range. And, yes, The Science Center was sufficiently close to the Palace.

We like Em'ree, as well. :)

Response recorded on October 29, 2021