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Anonymous writes...

I love Prince J’emm! Such a pure and beautiful person he is! Have some questions about him! Please and thank you!

1. How did J’emm met Sy’raa and how long have the know each other?
2. As the future king, how is J’emm’s reputation among his people?
3. Does he have any siblings?
4. Will J’emm appear in more future episodes in Season 4?
5. Does J’emm ever wish to travel to Earth or the just visit other worlds in general?

Greg responds...

1. There's obviously a story in that. I try not to tell stories here at ASK GREG.

1a. Until this story is told, I prefer not to pin that down.

2. Very strong among the more progressive set. He makes the more reactionary set nervous.

3. No spoilers.

4. No spoilers.

5. For now, I'll leave that to your interpretation.

Response recorded on January 11, 2022