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Woodrow Butdonthaveapaddle writes...

Hello Greg!

I'm in awe of how good Young Justice: Phantoms is so far, you and Brandon have certainly knocked it out of the ballpark again! I have two small questions that correlate to both Outsiders and Phantoms.

1.) What was the in-universe reason for Tim Drake to change his Robin outfit to the variation with the hooded cape? I personally thought it was a really cool-looking addition to the character's costume. In Phantoms, why did he choose to ditch the hood for an outfit more along the lines of his Invasion appearance?

2.) What was the in-universe reason for Cassie Sandsmark to trade in her original Wonder Girl outfit for a newer variation with knee-high boots and a dark red jumpsuit?

Thanks for your time! If writing was a superpower, then you'd be more powerful than Superman!

Greg responds...

1. He was moving into an even more covert mode with "Batman, Inc." in S3. By S4, he had become a public hero again with the Outsiders. The general public knows about Robin and has since Dick's time. If they did the math, they must realize this can't be the same guy, but most people don't think that through.

2. She wanted a more grown-up superhero look, especially once she was taking over as leader of the Outsiders during Beast Boy's (now prolonged) absence. It was time.

Response recorded on January 12, 2022