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Nick writes...

Hi Greg!

Thank you VERY much for answering my Z-designation questions. The designation ordering is a small part of the show but one that has always interested me. The little touches of world-building throughout YOUNG JUSTICE are one of my favorite things about the show, and I can only imagine how much unseen work goes into fleshing out the universe you and Brandon have created. And I completely understand that the G- and Z-series were special cases, and have no expectations for seeing the other fulls lists unveiled. Discovering them as the show goes along is half the fun!

One question I do have spinning out of the Z-designation ask though is Katana's numbering. It is what prompted me to ask that question in the first place. My general understanding of the designation assignments (and please correct me if I am wrong) is that when multiple heroes join at once, they are given their numbers in the order that they debuted as heroes. But Hardware (Z-04) was designated before Katana (Z-05), despite you having stated that Hardware debuted in Team Year Five with Katana debuting in Team Year Three -- in Japan. So my question is...

1A. Was Hardware's debut year a mistake?
1B. Was Katana's designation based on when she debuted in America instead of Japan?
1C. Or perhaps most likely, did Batman simply recruit his team in different batches, quietly assigning designations in multiple waves?

While I hope this would only apply to the defunct Z-series you have agreed to unveil, if any of it touches upon still present spoilers, I completely understand if you cannot answer at this time.

As always, I wish you, Brandon, and the team the best on completing production for the final episodes of Season 4, and thank you for continuing to keep up with the queue as the current season is airing! Very excited for the Artemis arc and only still crying a little bit after the "Involuntary" ending. (Okay, a lot bit.)

Oh, and I'll be helping to moderate the Reddit AMA on 11/2 -- so if you only get to this question after that -- a huge thank you to you and Brandon for answering even more questions there!

Greg responds...

It reflected their order in joining the League, which doesn't necessarily reflect how long they've been "out" as heroes.

And thanks for helping out!

Response recorded on January 14, 2022