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Miraphosa writes...

Does J'onn still talk to the family that disowned J'ann? Considering he's related to them n all. Does Em'ree, or do any of M'ganns other siblings?

Also, do all martians have names starting with the same letter as their siblings? (stretching that even further, does that have anything to do with the letter of their dad's name? Considering M'att -> M'gann, M'comm, M'ree)

Greg responds...

1. J'onn's family is truly enormous. I wouldn't want to say he speaks to none of them. But he chose sides.

2. Em'ree, M'gann and the rest of the siblings have no real relationship with their mother's side of the family.

3. It's common but not an absolute rule.

Response recorded on January 14, 2022