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Windy writes...

Hey Greg,

This is just a few quick questions:

1) Who was Tara's guardian during s3? I know Gregor became hers afterwards, but she needed someone listed as her guardian when attending school
2) Who's Violet's guardian?
3) Who is/was Foragers?

Hoping none of these are spoilers, and have a great Halloweekend!

Greg responds...

1. That's a good question. Brion, maybe. It's unusual for someone under 18 to get that gig. But given their unique circumstances it might've been allowed.

2. My knee-jerk reaction was Artemis, but thinking about it, maybe it was Will.

3. Megan, maybe?

As you've probably gleaned, this just never came up before now. I haven't thought about it much.

Response recorded on January 14, 2022