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Justin writes...

Dear Greg,
1)Why are the London gargoyles only limited to lions,horses and birds? That seems kinda silly.
2) How many eggs hatched to the London clan in 1998?
3) How many beasts does this clan have?
4) How many children do Leo and Una have?
5) Will Griff find a mate?
6) Why is Una the leader?
7)Shouldn't one of the younger generation take over?


Greg responds...

1. You're thinking about this backwards. You might as easily ask why are the Wyvern gargoyles limited to what you've seen of them? And at any rate, you've got it wrong. The London gargs vaguely resemble various combinations of Griffin, Winged Lion and Winged Unicorn.

2. I'm not going to answer this at this time.

3. Ditto.

4. Many clan-children.

5. Not telling.

6. That's complex. Why is Goliath the leader? It's how things turned out. I will say, that she's highly intelligent, and has done a good job at keeping the clan safe.

7. Eventually. What's your hurry?

Response recorded on February 26, 2001