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Anonymous writes...

Merry Christmas Greg, 1. What do you think Xanatos would have transformed
into if he had worn the Eye of Odin (For eample: Fox became a werefox,
Magus became a powerful sorcerer, and Goliath became a bigger gargoyle)?
2. What aspect of his personality do you think would have been personified
(Fox=hunter, Magus=intellectual, Goliath=protector)? 3. When it became
available to him, did Macbeth ever go to college? If so, what was his major
and what college did he attend? 4. If you didn't use any of the Gargoyles
main charecters, could you legally make a Future Tense show, or does your
contract with Disney forbid you from doing anything remotely like Gargoyles?
5. Why did Disney take creative freedom from you? Gargoyles was YOUR
creation! Without you the show never would have made it (even though i know
there were other brilliant minds on the show as well)! Did they think that
by refusing you creative freedom they could better the show? I don't carry
a grudge and I don't blame anyone for the show's downfall, I just would like
to know there reasoning behind this decision because if you would have
stayed on for the last season with complete creative freedom, at the very
least, the last season of TGC would have been better than it was. Thanks
for your input! Bye! Happy Holidays!

Greg responds...

1. We'll never know.
2. Ditto.
3. He's probably studied at multiple universities over the years.
4. It depends what you mean. Future Tense wouldn't be Future Tense without
the characters I had planned to use. If you're asking me whether or not I
could do a series set in the future, the answer is yes, of course I can,
assuming I could sell it somewhere.
5. They didn't take creative freedom away from me. I never said they
did. They wouldn't promise me creative control, which is very
different. Had I stayed, I might have been able to wrangle that
control, but I bailed. In retrospect, I wish I hadn't. Where's the
Phoenix Gate when you need it.(GDW/ 1- 26- 98)