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Liam writes...

1: Were mammoth and shimmer recruited to the kobra cult because they were twins? Or was that just a out of universe decision on your part due to kobra connection to twins?
2: How does Shimmer feel about mammoth transformation?
3: How long were they members of the cult?
3b: Did they leave the cult over his transformation or did they remain members?
4: How long has the current incarnation of suicide squad been operating?
4b: Is it the first incarnation of tast force x?
5: Was rick flag jr's father a member of the original task force x/suicide squad?

Greg responds...

1. I might say neither. Or both. But the question seems to be taking something for granted from the comics, and thus the premise of the question is problematic, as we don't promise that in YJ.

2. She seems fine with it.

3. They joined in 2009.

3b. They didn't leave over his transformation, but they did leave.

4. No spoilers.

4b. No spoilers.

5. No spoilers.

So that's seven questions. The fact that you're using the 3 and 3b trick doesn't actually fool me. Let's keep it to five questions per post max, please, as per the rules. Your Mammoth & Shimmer questions and your Suicide Squad questions should have been on two separate posts. We've been loose with the rules recently. But given the length of the queue, if this keeps up, I'm going to instruct our moderator to enforce them more religiously.

Response recorded on March 11, 2022