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Cass writes...

1. How does Ollie afford to maintain so many equipment stashes in Star City (and possibly abroad as well) if he’s broke? He mentioned that if the vault was compromised it would be “no huge loss”

2. Are Dinah and Roy close?

3. How close are Tigress and Arsenal?

4. Does Jim live in Geranium City or Star City?

Greg responds...

1. I don't know why you think he has "so many equipment stashes." We've seen one. If the Vault is compromised (which it was), it's no huge loss, as there's nothing to connect it to Oliver Queen. And the equipment could be replaced. As to how he pays for it, he may have set some stuff up before he went broke. Or he may get a stipend from the League.

2. Pretty close.

3. Artemis is obviously closer to Will than Roy. But they're friendly. (Arrow-Family sticks together.) And she's the one who brought him back to the Team.

4. He has places in both cities.

Response recorded on March 15, 2022