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zakhur writes...

Hey Greg, thanks for a terrific show and still having hope for a return, Since first watching Gargoyles when it began, I really loved the show, but I was kind of "worried" that the show wasn't very uplifting, because the main characters (the manhattan clan) were the last of their kind, and with only one female gargoyle, that didn't really look like she wanted to start being the Eve of her kind, It almost looked kind of bleak, and after I learned how slowly it takes for a gargoyle to have children,, well it didn't look very good for the species.
So when you started introducing new gargoyles to the picture in the World Tour (wich were great by the way, it expanded so much the horizons for the show) It started to make more sense, as to why the gargoyles work so hard to protect, ant to make a better world, because even though they're trying to have a better and more tolerent world, now it made more sense, because all that hard work was to leave a better world for the next generation.
and even more hopeful was the fact that we know now that in the future, there would not only be thriving colonies, but there would be new clans of gargoyles.
Well all this talk does bring me to a question.
We know that some clans needed the help of other individuals of other clans so there would be a diverse enough genetic pool for a viable clan, as you stated in the 2198 contest so:
1) Wich clans will need that other clans member join them? (my guess would be guatemalen and Goliath's)
2) How would this process come about, will the individuals choose to go to other clans, or there will be a election process?
3) If for example the guatemalan clan wich oly consists of 4 adult gargoyles and from 20 to 40 eggs, is that enough to make a viable clan?
Thanks for your time and pacience
PS. Sorry if I made to many errors, but I haven't writen in English in a long time

Greg responds...

1. I'm not going into these specific details now. None of you have the background for it.

2. Ditto.

3. It's enough to start one if those youngsters have time to grow.

You're English seemed pretty good to me.

Response recorded on July 06, 2001