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matt writes...

so the Haida people invited a gargoyle clan to Queen Florence Island and later France would make a similar request? i guess i was thinking that a country would generally not want a gargoyle clan cuz of all the politics and possible trouble that would come of it.

when the so-called Gargoyle Nation said it was going to create a new clan do most countries around the world invite the Gargoyles to their nation or are Canada and France only two of the few countries that invited a clan?

why did the French goverment and Haida people want a clan?

Greg responds...

Two VERY different situations we're talking about here.

The Haida people had a long-term relationship with the Gargoyle Nation, which I don't want to get into at this time.

YEARS LATER -- years after the initial Space-Spawn Invasion -- many cities would vie for the shot at welcoming the 14th clan. Paris' bid would win.

Response recorded on August 08, 2001